What is Coaching?

Coaching is all about moving towards the goals and or the destiny of the client. The coaching relationship offers the coachee the ability to approach every opportunity with greater self-awareness, increased options, and to experience self-discovery in a supportive environment. Professionally trained with numerous leadership assessments and tools, coaches are personal change experts who believe in their clients and therefore provide the support and encouragement the client needs to fulfill their purpose.


 Coaching is an opportunity for a leader to experience accelerated growth and learning.

What Happens During A Coaching Session?


The coaching appointment is all about the client and their agenda. The appointment begins with a chance for the client to debrief on their progress since the last meeting and ends with a set of action steps the client will utilize to continue toward their goal.

The framework that encourages this exchange between coach and coachee is a simple conversation. What makes the conversation extraordinary and transformational is the fact that the coach is listening intuitively and asking questions that allow the client to view their situation with new eyes. In that environment, maximized change happens.


Coaching therefore is a transformational conversation that takes place in an authentic relationship that supports the client’s desire to change; and in that setting the client becomes a better leader.

Who Benefits From Coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching, but coaching is for people who are committed to achieving something more. Those who want to unlock their potential and fulfill their life purpose are perfect candidates for a coaching session.

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