Focus Workshop

“The (Focus) workshop was really powerful! There was a great mix of activation, interaction, personal anecdotes, teaching and reflection during the sessions. I’m excited!” Johari

“I did not know what to expect, but was very motivated to attend. This was not counseling or a mentoring session but a coaching session on how to make myself succeed by (recognizing) what’s in me and what I’m able to do by goal setting.” Sandra

“This was an eye opening, insightful workshop that will catapult me toward my life goals step by step.” Shelly

Those who attended the FOCUS: Design Your Future Today workshop experienced a day of growth. This workshop helped them successfully transition through a process of self-discovery, clarifying vision, to developing action steps to implement. They learned why focus is critical in defining your vision and creating the future they desire to live.

During the morning session participants took several self-assessments to determine their strengths, gifts and talents. Taking the time to reflect on past experiences allowed them to gain awareness and learn to value the skills and unique qualities that set them apart. Now they can intentionally focus and develop their natural talents to enhance their potential for success. This revelation motivated the participants to understand their significance and value their gifts. To take them for granted destroys on of their greatest assets. That knowledge can now be used to become more productive in pursuing their life goals.

The afternoon was spent answering the question, “What will I do to move forward?” After doing a 360 degree assessment of their current life situation each individual developed a goal to work toward. In small group sessions each participant designed a strategic plan that addressed priorities, obstacles, resources, their motivation for their goal and the importance of having an accountability partner for support and encouragement.

The FOCUS workshop provided a supportive environment where each person could pursue their agenda and leave with the action steps to move toward success!

“I was amazed at how a short time of focus could be so life changing!! Not only do I now have strategy for myself but (a model to share with) my friends, family and colleagues.” Ebony








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