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Making the Right Choice: Your Ticket to Success

Every day we make decisions that affect the quality of our lives. Making decisions based our values allows us to live with a greater sense of personal fulfillment. Therefore, establishing a value system is critical to one's success. This workshop will help you gain the skills to lead by your value system. Consequently, you develop a value system which guides your life.


"This two day workshop was inspiring and life changing". E. Tye



8 Strategies to Advance Your Career

Everyone wants to be successful and this workshop will go in depth to cover the steps needed to advance your career. From starting a new job, to getting a promotion from your current position, this workshop with go through the top five tips that will help anyone excel in their career.
 " This workshop was encouraging, inspiring and motivating. The information gave great practical strategies". G. Smith​
Finding a Mentor & Becoming a Good Mentee​
One of the most underrated career success strategies is having a mentor. Not only can mentors serve as a great networking opportunity; but they also serve as a guide through your specific career path. Mentoring is a partnership and collaborative relationship between two individuals. In this workshop, learn five qualities that elevate the mentoring relationship, and how to use it to advance your career.
"This workshop gave practical information that I can begin to use today". M. Lawrence







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